Friday, April 29, 2011

Dead Body Collection/Smrznik "Existence is Fukte" split

Fukte “Siberia” used as a sound source. Double CDR set with 60 minutes by each artist and different vision and process of creating completely new tracks from original.
“Siberia” was originally recorded by F.D.B aka Fukte in 2009 flying over Siberia using a digital recorder with stereo microphones. No additional effect were used. Concept of making this sound source recordings began shortly after Alex (DBC) released his sick “Homage To Harsh Noise Wall Tapes”, a four discs boxet where he used sounds of eight HNW pieces by eight artists. Inspired again by this idea of “obsessive soundsourcing” Alex spoke with F.D.B. about using his “pure no effect recording” Siberia to make new “Walls” with his crazy process. F.D.B. agreed and Smrznik suggested to expand Alex’s idea and do two discs release with his vision of “Siberia as a sound source” too.
On Zvukovina.